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Info and Rules


regarding the ”Puzzle Day by Castorland” championship

24 March 2019

1. Championship objectives and tasks

Puzzle assembly is a great opportunity to spend time with the family. In addition, it is a beneficial activity that develops logical thinking, attention, memory, imagination, accurate motoric skills, and teaches to correctly perceive the connection between the part and the whole. 

2. Organization and conduct of the competition

The competition is conducted by the first women’s forum Mama.md and the largest online ads board 999.md. 

3. Competition discipline

The Puzzle Day by Castorland Championship

Rules are very simple and accessible:

There are two participation categories: amateur and professional.

The same rules apply to both categories:

  • Teams are formed of four members;

  • The time limit is two hours;

  • The puzzles consist of 500 pieces.

The only difference between the categories is that the professionals get a more complex picture.

4. Terms and venue

The Tekwill center, located at 9/11, Studentilor St., Chisinau, Moldova.

Date and time: 24 March 2019, starting 12:00.

5. Competition schedule

The championship will be held on 24 March 2019.

General start: 12:00.

11:30 – greeting from Mama.md representatives;

11:40 – formation of teams;

12:00 – start;

14:00 – finish;

14:20-15:00 – awarding ceremony.

6. Competition participants

The Puzzle Day by Castorland is a family and friendly event, therefore, children aged above 7 will be admitted to the competition, as well as their parents, grandparents and friends. The children under the age of 7 will play on the organized playground.

7. Terms of participation

Anyone can join the competition. The competitor must present an ID. The participation for a team of 2-4 people costs as follows: 

  • Up to 20th March 2019 the price is 300 MDL (15 EURO),

  • From 21st March 2019 the price is 400 MDL (20 EURO). 

There are three payment methods available:

  • Online, by bank card,

  • Through bank transfer,

  • In cash, at Simpals office located at 28/1, Calea Orheiului St., Chisinau (second floor).

8. Privacy terms and conditions

In accordance with Law No. 133/2011 on Personal Data Protection, puzzleday.mama.md is committed to using personal data in respect to the required security level and for the intended purposes ONLY.

The puzzleday.mama.md site DOES NOT have access, respectively, DOES NOT keep confidential information about participants' bank cards.

9. Reimbursement terms

The participant may reimburse the participation fee within 7 days before the date of the competition, with physical or online confirmation of payment, by applying a request with the reimbursement reason to A.O. “Sporter” president, Dmitri Voloshin. 

10. Competition conduct

Competitions are conducted in accordance with the status of the given Regulations. Participants must learn the status of the given Regulations. The Main Competition Jury and the Organizing Committee reserve the right to make decisions in unforeseen situations.

11. Award ceremony

The Puzzle Day by Castorland winners will be awarded with certificates and sponsor prizes.

12. Financial expenses

All expenses associated with competition conduct are assumed by the event organizers.

13. Contact details

The first women's forum in Moldova: Mama.md.

Additional information: +373 78077999, +373 79 996 985 (Mon-Fri 09:30 - 18:30).

E-mail: event@seller.md

Web: puzzleday.mama.md

А. О. ”Sporter”

28/1, Calea Orheiului St., Chisinau, Moldova, MD-2069.